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Level One is an introduction to the sport aimed to you afloat safely.

Level Two is about getting competent to handle a boat by yourself in light winds.

We offer all levels of the scheme from novice to racer trying to go faster. This year we will be running half-day courses over each of the main holiday weeks during Easter, Whitsun and the summer.

The real changes in the scheme come at Level 3, now called better sailing. The aim is to bridge the gap between level 2 and the advanced modules. We try to use a variety of boats and maximise time on the water which should give your greater confidence to sail without the instructor on board in light and moderate winds.

Advanced modules       These courses are designed to run over two days, we are happy to run them over five half days which should give a better range of conditions.

Seamanship Skills :

These remain at the core. They should enable you to handle your boat in a variety of conditions and solve problems afloat.

Day Sailing :

This is a new strand designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to take your boat cruising.

Start Racing :

Are you the competitive type? Start racing will give you enough knowledge to join in with your local club racing. It's the first step of the Olympic ladder!
Adult Sailing Lessons in Cornwall

Sailing with Spinnakers

As the name suggests this course is about getting the most out of all 3 sails on your boat. It covers either symmetric or asymmetric spinnakers.

Performance Sailing :

This is the adrenalin rush end of the sport. The course can be taken in your own boat or one of ours. Getting the most out of these boats requires special techniques: the coaching on this course should help you master them, stay upright and blast off!
A full season's experience would be the recommended minimum before taking this course.

Contact E-Mail: bob@paddleandsail.com